076 017 4354 / 072 823 5236 besprekings@klipdraaikaravaanpark.com



Management reserves the right to change tariffs, rules, terms and conditions for the use of Klipdraai Caravan Park to their absolute discretion with immediate effect and without prior notice.



Management have the right to admit and or refuse entry to any person or institution without disclosure of any reason.

No unauthorized persons will be allowed on the resort. Management reserves the right to terminate the occupancy of any person without notice, who fails to obey the rules, or for creating any form of excessive noise, any form of nuisance or annoyance which in any way interferes with the atmosphere of the resort or general comfort of other campers as well as a person who is guilty of but not limited to the following:

2.1 Failing to comply with the number of persons and vehicles per stand. Limited to 1 vehicle and 1 caravan and its tent / or tent trailer / or motorhome per stand. If more than 4 persons per stand normal rates per person per night is applicable. (Maximum 6 persons per stand allowed)

2.2 No persons will be allowed to overnight in vehicles

2.3 No offensive, rowdy, disorderly behaviour will be tolerated and will result in the offenders being evicted from the caravan park.

2.4 Vandalism and theft will not be tolerated and will result in prosecution and the camper will be evicted from the park

2.5 The use of the caravan site and caravan park for any illegal purposes

2.6 Make yourself guilty by accommodating additional persons on your stand without prior arrangement with the office and or accommodating additional persons that result in the maximum number of persons per stand is exceeded.

2.7 Make yourself guilty by not making prior arrangement with office/ reception if you are expecting visitors

2.8 Failure to vacate a stand at the end of your reservation or when the camper is requested to do so

2.9 Failure to obey the park rules

2.10 Failure to obey smoking laws. No smoking is permitted inside caravan park buildings and enclosed public areas

2.11 Excessive use of alcohol is an unacceptable condition of your stay

2.12 No narcotic drugs will be allowed on our premises

(Any person who is guilty of this behaviour will be arrested by the SAPS)



A booking is valid, confirmed and enforceable when

3.1 The booking form is completed and management has received it by email and / or the booking form is completed online through the website. The booking form /request merely represents an application for accommodation and does not constitute an official reservation

3.2 The booking is only valid once management provides confirmation of the booking by emailing the camper  an invoice and reference number and

3.3 The booking is only confirmed when the required deposit as stipulated on the invoice with reference number is paid on the due date and or when the balance / or full payment / or outstanding amount as stipulated on the invoice is paid on the due date and received by management

3.4 No telephonic booking is binding

3.5 Please send proof of payment to besprekings@klipdraaikaravaanpark.com

3.6 The COMPLETE REFERENCE NUMBER at the bottom of the invoice must be used when making a payment and in all correspondence.

3.7 Prior to making a booking please make sure regarding a) the dates: arrival & departure b) how many stands and c) how many people. The changing of an invoice causes confusion and logistical problems and therefore a R200 admin fee will be charged when an invoice needs to be changed.

3.8 All amendments to bookings must be made in writing and email it to besprekings@klipdraaikaravaanpark.com. Verbal or telephonic changes to bookings are not valid

3.9 In Season dates (March April, September and December) bookings are essential



4.1 In Season:

A deposit of 50% of the total accommodation invoice is payable within 72 hours of invoice date and / or before due date as stipulated on the invoice to confirm the booking.

Please see cancellation policy

4.2 In Season:

When a booking is made 14 days (2 weeks) before the arrival date the total accommodation invoice is payable within 3 days

4.3 In Season:

When a booking is made 48 hours before the arrival date the total accommodation invoice is immediately payable – to discourage non – arrivals

4.4 Electronic bank transfers (EFT), cash deposits, card and cash payments are accepted. Cheque payments and American Express Cards are not accepted.

4.5 Deposits and any payments made will not be refunded in the case of cancellations. In addition, no money will be reimbursed or refunded if guests leave the resort earlier than planned or in the case where campers are evicted from the resort by failure to comply to the rules.

4.6 Payments of deposits must occur on or before the due date stipulated on the invoice to secure booking. Failure to pay the deposit on or before the due date will lead to the cancellation of the booking without prior notice

4.7 The outstanding amount / balance is payable before or on the due date as stipulated on the invoice.

4.8 Please note maximum 6 persons per stand allowed. This includes adults, children 3-12 years and children 0-2 years. Children 0-2 years are also a person /human. If there are more people in the group example 7, 8, 10 or 12 a 2nd stand needs to be booked.

4.9 Please see Resort Outlay (Map) with stands and stand Numbers. Apologies but no pre booking of specific stands. We make use of a a) “first come first serve” basis when allocating stands and b) failure to pay your deposit on the due date as stipulated on the invoice will lead to the cancellation of your booking without prior notice. Klipdraai Caravan Park reserves the right to allocate stands to their discretion to manage our business. While we make effort to provide guests with stands requested, there are occasions when a booking needs to be moved to another stand. The alternative accommodation will be of the same standard and therefore no refunds will be offered and cancellation policy will apply.

4.10 A camper is UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES allowed to change stand/s that was allocated to him / her by the office. When failing to adhere to this a camper must move to the stand allocated to him/ her. If the camper without prior arrangements with reception choose his own stand or wrongly set up on a stand not allocated to him /her the camper will be forced to take his set up and move to the stand allocated to him.



5.1 In Season:

Arrival Time: 12:00 – 18:00 Departure Time: 10:00

5.2 Out of Season:

Arrival Time: 07:00 – 18:00 Departure Time: 16:00

5.3 Please note arrival time is till 18:00 on day of reservation. If you are unable to arrive within office hours, kindly notify the resort immediately during office hours. Late arrivals to report immediately to reception the following morning at 7:00

5.4 The departure time will strictly be enforced; in consideration of new campers arriving

5.5 Please bring your invoice with reference number as well as proof of payment with when checking in

5.6 If a camper wants to stay longer after the departure date (extending of dates are permitted but are subject to availability) please make prior arrangements with the office regarding availability and make the necessary payment at the office

5.7 If a camper wants to stay longer after the departure date the availability of the current stand/s needs to be advised form the office due to the fact that your stand could be allocated to a new camper on your departure date.

5.8 Your caravan may be left on the stand (overnight without persons) at the normal rate per stand per night.

R400 In Season and R300 Out of Season per night. Only the caravan or tent is allowed, no demarcated areas.

5.9 Demarcated area, is not permitted where the boundaries are marked with ground sheets, rope or tape



Campers will receive an access permit on arrival. This permit must be at all times clearly visible and displayed on your vehicle’s windshield. Vehicle permits are not transferable from one vehicle to another. During musical festival periods campers will be furnished with arm bands to wear which is for identification purposes as a camper.



7.1 Payments needs to be made according to due dates as indicated on the invoice. In the case where you do not adhere to this rule or payment is late your stand will be automatically cancelled

7.2 Failure to arrive after 24 hours period of arrival date will give management the right to allocate the stand to another camper. Notify the resort immediately of your late arrival, failing to do so which you will forfeit your site. No refunds or imbursement on any payments

7.3 No Refunds to any payments (deposits and /or balances) made, where the booking (whatever the reason) is cancelled by the camper

7.4 In die case of cancellation by the camper (whatever the reason) the rescheduling and / or rebooking of the reservation will not be allowed

7.5 Please understand camping is meant to be an outdoor experience and we do not give refunds for situations beyond our control. In die case of “Viz Major” (Act of God) natural disasters and weather conditions example: heatwave, rain, hail, snow, cold, floods etc. NO REFUNDS and the rescheduling and or rebooking of the reservation will not be allowed

7.6 In the event that your tent or caravan cannot withstand the weather conditions, no refund nor reimbursement will be made to the camper and the rescheduling of the booking will not be allowed

7.7 When the camper has to leave the camp earlier an exception will be made in the following cases:

In the event of death (death certificate to be submitted) and or emergency surgery (doctor’s letter to be submitted) of the camper’s immediate family (husband, wife, mother, father, son, daughter) and in which case your reservation will be placed on hold and can be used for up to maximum of 6 months from the date of booking

7.8 In die event of law enforcement by die government example “Lock Down” during the period of your reservation, no refunds to any payments and your booking will be placed on hold and can be used for up to maximum of 6 months from the date of booking



All persons and their visitors entering the resort do so at their own risk. All persons making use of the resort and its facilities, including parking area, camping stands, chalets do so at their own risk. The owner, management, organizers of entertainment and festivals and representatives do not accept responsibility for any deaths, injuries or illness sustained or suffered by any person, theft, loss or damage to any person or any property whatsoever arising from a visit and or the use of the resort as well as its facilities and activities regardless of the cause there of, and included but not limited to fire, force, floods, any other natural disasters when entering this premises . All persons making use of Klipdraai Caravan Park’s facilities and activities example swimming pools, putt -putt, jacuzzi’s, kiddies play area, braai facilities, game drives, music festivals etc. do so at own risk



9.1 Jacuzzi: Can be booked at the office /reception R150 per hour – maximum 6 persons

9.2 Putt – Putt and “Pool” tickets are available at the office /reception (out of season) and it will be available directly at the mentioned facility (in season)

9.3 Tickets for the train (small kids) are available at the SHOP

9.4 No adults allowed on the playing equipment at the kiddies play area

9.5 Climbing over the Putt- Putt fence at all times are not allowed9.



10.1 Please keep the facilities neat and clean

10.2 Have power points

10.3 Please bring your own bath plug


10.5 Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult

10.6 No smoking is allowed

10.7 Washing of dishes and dogs are not allowed



11.1 Day visitors allowed. 08:00 – 18:00. NO EXCEPTIONS

Tariffs: R100 adult, R50 children (3 -12 years) and R20 children (0-2 years)

11.2 Day Visitors are not allowed to stay over (sleep over). If the visitor decided to sleep over, prior arrangements and necessary payments have to be made with reception during office hours. The maximum number of persons per stand may not be exceeded.

11.3 No vehicles of day visitors are allowed in the park and the vehicle must be parked at the secure & free parking area at the office

11.4 Day visitors to bring own mobile braai

11.5 The number of day visitors are strictly controlled as we only allow a limited number of visitors

11.6 To regulate the volume of guests, the resort may at any time without prior notice impose a

NO Day Visitor” Policy



The person who makes the booking is liable to familiarize yourself with the Terms and Conditions of the Caravan Park and is responsible to bring it under the attention of his group. He takes responsibility that his group will comply to the rules

12.1 Please report any problems, all offences, faults and or defects to the office /reception at 076 017 4354 and 072 823 5236.

12.2 Please report any damages to park property by fellow campers to reception

12.3 No trading by any person is allowed on Klipdraai Caravan Park’s premises without the owner’s consent

12.4 Fires: Please make only use of the braais on the stand and or braai area available. Defintely NO fires, open flames / fires and bomas on the ground and grass. Bomas may only be used on cement surfaces. Fires on the lawn and grass at kiddies play area is strictly forbidden. All fires must be extinguished after use, as well as during strong wind situations, when you go to sleep and on departure

12.5 Noise: Radio, television and music should not be audible to adjoining sites and will only be allowed if it is not a nuisance, or causing inconvenience or annoyance to fellow campers. In the interest of all guests enjoying their stay we ask that the park is quiet by 22:00. No music to play from vehicles

12.6 Electrical: No person is allowed to tamper or work on any electrical appliances including power boxes, swimming pool pumps etc.

12.7 All electrical cables and extension cords must comply to the municipality regulations and legal specifications. No cables less than 2.5 mm is allowed. Cables must be at least 2.5 mm and can be 15 metre in length. If the cable is longer than 15 metres the thickness must be 4.00 mm



12.10 Only netted, woven or knitted groundsheets are allowed

12.11 Vehicles: Only 1 x car per stand allowed and the car must be parked on the stand. Any extra vehicles must be parked at the free parking area at the office. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any vehicles parked at other stands or area will be immediately removed and we will not be held responsible or liable for any damage to your vehicle or any costs that may result from this

12.12 Speed limit is 10 km p/h – for the safety of our kids, game and animals. Speeding, careless and reckless drivers will not be tolerated

12.13 Garbage: No littering: empty bottles, cans, paper or other garbage. Please dispose cigarette butts and beer caps appropriately. Use the facilities provided (containers and rubbish bins) for garbage. Please keep your stand clean and tidy at all times

12.14 It is the responsibility of parents to take proper care of babies, toddlers and children

12.15 Swimming Pools: Drinking and eating are not allowed in pools. NO ALCOHOL AT THE SWIMMING POOLS

12.16 No glass bottles and glasses are allowed in the swimming pools and around the swimming and kids play area

12.17 No bicycles near and around the swimming pools and hall /lapa area

12.18 Please wear appropriate swimwear when making use of the swimming pools

12.19 Pools may not be used after 22:00. We need to add the necessary chemicals and do maintenance for your convenience

12.20 Trees, Plants and landscaping: Picking of flowers and plant material are prohibited. No hot water or ash (cold or hot) are allowed to be thrown on trees, plants and grass. Removal, cutting or damage to trees and collecting of wood is strictly forbidden

12.21 Pets: Only small dogs on leaches are allowed, no other pets. Dogs without leaches are not permitted. Please clean behind your dog at all times. Doggy owners must take full responsibility for their doggies and to ensure they do not disturb other guests when on the property. NO DOGS ARE ALLOWED IN THE SWIMMING POOLS

12.22 Animals & Game: Feeding of animals are at own risk. DO NOT CLIMB ON AND OVER ANIMAL AND GAME FENCES. Game drives are at own risk.

12.23 No climbing over fences and gates

12.24 Leave no alcohol on your stand on departure nor give it to the workers

12.25 Please read all notice boards and follow instructions

12.26 Viewing of the resort (15 minutes) can only take place out of season and not in season as the resort is too busy

12.27 Booking of the hall /lapa at the office /reception

12.28 Booking of the chalets at the office /reception: Office numbers 076 017 4354 and 072 823 5236 and email


12.29 All persons using the caravan park and the facilities will be responsible for any damage to property of  the resort that may occur from this example: taps, power points & boxes, braais etc. The minimum fee immediately payable at the office and which you are liable for is R3500



13.1 During entertainment, activities, markets, festivals and or music festivals hosted at Klipdraai Caravan Park the owner and or entertainment organizer/s and or festival organizer/s will not be held responsible or be liable for any loss or damages of “Viz Major” (Act of God) natural disasters etc. In the case of “Viz Major” the above mentioned performance will not be rescheduled and No Refunds will be applicable to ticket sales or stall keepers.

13.2 In die case of bad weather example rain, thunderstorms, lightning, hail etc. the safety of the singers, performers, bands, sound and lighting crews will be given priority. Where their lives are in danger and equipment can be damaged the performance will not continue. The entertainment organizer/s and or owner will not be held responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from it.

13.3 During music festivals campers are requested to wear arm bands for identification purpose.

Entrance fee to music festivals will be announced to campers when available

13.4 Day Visitors during music festivals will pay the normal entrance tariffs regarding entrance to the resort

Entrance at 08:00 and Tariffs: R100 adult, R50 children (3 -12 years) and R20 children (0-2 years)

Day visitors only attending the music festival at night: time and entrance fee will be announced when available

13.5 During music festivals when we make use of food & beverage stalls no picnic baskets will be allowed except when the marketing material clearly stipulates: “cooler boxes” and picnic baskets are welcome.

On the Non- Festival days, day visitors are welcome to bring their own picnic basket



14.1 No quadbikes, motorbikes, golf cars or any unlicensed vehicles

14.2 No fire arms of any type, pellet guns, crossbows, paintball guns, slingshot

14.3 No fireworks and crackers

14.4 For safety reasons no portable and or inflatable swimming pools are allowed on your stand and in the park